Established in 2017, Transformed Lives MD has championed new treatment methods for individuals addicted to opiate pain medications or heroin have contributed our time and resources at fundraisers and other community events.

Our goal is to help save as many lives as we can. We are accepting new patients and work with most insurance plans including the majority of Maryland State Medicaid Plans.

Discover Yourself. Find Your Balance. Earn Your Recovery.

No Cookie Cutter Treatment Plans

Transformed Lives MD: Treating People Like People

There’s no question drug addiction is horrible, it ruins lives and tears apart families. When a person is suffering from drug addiction, there’s little to any sympathy or compassion shown from others. Because drug addiction is so terrible, some people think those who are addicted are bad, weak, flawed and unworthy of saving. These views must change, and the stigma associated with addiction must change if society is ever to move forward and lives are to be saved.

Addicted People Must Be Treated with Compassion

Many people with an addiction will wind up in jail or prison. Once released, it can be hard for someone to be on their own with nowhere to go. Even if someone doesn’t wind up in prison, addiction can lead to personal, social and work-related problems. There’s no denying addiction makes a person’s life complicated, but addicted people should be treated with compassion and understanding because everyone makes mistakes and shouldn’t be vilified for their problem.

Changing Thoughts on Addiction Empowers People to Recover

At Transformed Lives MD, we know there’s a better way and people with addiction can become empowered to heal. Through providing individualized treatment, we don’t punish our patients but rather help change their mindset and breaking the cycle of addiction through positivity. We work to break societal stigma about addiction because, in order to transform lives, we must change the minds and hearts of people who lack an understanding of drug addiction.

The Importance of One-on-One Attention

At Transformed Lives MD, we understand the importance of one-on-one treatment for our clients. We give our client’s personalized care and attention designed to fit the unique needs of each person. The most effective treatment combines compassion and understanding because it can be hard for someone to open up in a group setting. Getting our clients started with one-on-one care helps break the ice and our clients soon realize they are in a caring place where judgment and criticisms don’t exist.

Our Team

Here at Transformed Lives MD, we go the extra mile for our patients. They know we care!

Dr. Sarah Merritt

Medical Doctor

Dr. Sarah Merritt is originally from Huntsville, Alabama. She attended Birmingham-Southern College and medical school at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. After a residency in anesthesiology at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, she elected to pursue extra fellowship training in pain management at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. Her training included the full spectrum of pain management techniques, including interventional pain blocks and injections, as well as pain medication management. Dr. Merritt is ABMS Board-Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Merritt is active as a volunteer in the medical community in addition to her medical practice. She was nominated by her peers and appointed by the state as a member of the Technical Access Committee for the Maryland State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). She is also the Co-Chairperson of the Legislative Council for MedChi, the Maryland state medical society.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, bicycling, running, and yoga.


I am a native of the Pacific Northwest although I have now been on the east coast for nearly 30 years. I have been a nurse for close to 40 years, the last 21 spent in primary care as an adult NP. I have always had an interest in behavioral health and my NP program at the University of Maryland combined both the adult NP curriculum as well as adult mental health. I have practiced what I affectionately refer to as “primary care psychiatry” during my time in primary care. I have been a member of ASAM for several years and have always understood the importance of addressing both substance abuse and mental health issues. I believe that substance abuse disorders are chronic brain diseases but treatable like other chronic illnesses. Most recently I completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Drexel University. My capstone project was using an educational intervention for a group of men in a sober living house to see if an educational video regarding medication assisted treatment would increase the use of MAT in this population. The past two years I have focused on providing high quality substance abuse and mental health treatment. I am excited to be back at as a team member at Lifestream Health Center.

“God draws straight with crooked lines” Champ C.