In the state of Maryland between 2008 and 2012, people enrolled in addiction treatment programs that prescribed methadone increased by 15.5%. In 2012, 12.0% of people ages 12 and older who met the criteria for having a drug abuse disorder received the necessary treatment. Some people wish to avoid using methadone for treating their opiate addiction, for these individuals, suboxone can be a welcomed alternative.  For individuals on state medical insurance, it can be difficult to find a suboxone clinic in Maryland that accepts Medicaid.

As heroin and other opiate related overdose deaths in the state of Maryland continue to rise, someone who is suffering from an opiate addiction might want to seriously consider seeking professional treatment. Being addicted to heroin or another type of opiate should be enough to spur someone into treatment, but if a person is on Medicaid, it can be difficult to find a clinic or doctor that accepts state insurance.

Looking for a Suboxone Clinic in Maryland That Accepts Medicaid?

Suboxone is a prescription drug that’s often administered in an outpatient setting and it helps ease withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate cessation. The medication is most effective when it’s coupled with other addiction treatment methods such as counseling, participating in support groups, and behavior therapy. It’s important to provide someone with the things they need to become clean, because opiate addiction is one of the most difficult to beat.

Many people on Maryland Medicaid have trouble finding a clinic to prescribe suboxone for them. A lot of doctors and clinics only take private medical insurance which is why it can be so difficult for someone to not give up the dream of a clean life.  Through using an online suboxone directory or working with a suboxone doctor referral program, many people in the Maryland area have been able to locate doctors who accept Medicaid insurance.

If you or a loved one have become addicted to opiates and are on Medicaid, we encourage you to seek help for your problem.  Please contact our program today and find out more details on how we can help you enroll in our suboxone clinic in Maryland that accepts Medicaid.

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