Deadly Heroin Epidemic in Upper Marlboro February 22, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Treatment

According to an article published in the Huffington Post, for every 100,000 people in America, 200 are struggling with an addition to heroin and the numbers continue to rise. Statistics like this one are frightening and it is a startling reality to think how many overdose deaths happen each year from heroin. A Suboxone clinic in Upper Marlboro is desperately needed. Transformed Lives MD hopes to open multiple offices throughout the state of Maryland.

Is the Suboxone Clinic in Upper Marlboro Open Yet?

No, unfortunately, we are still in the process of establishing our Bowie, Maryland clinic which takes Medicaid. However, to put an end to the opiate epidemic, suboxone doctors are approaching treatment from a different angle. Using a medication like Suboxone is one of the most effective ways to ensure someone can beat an addiction to opiates.Our program is much different than other clinics, because we not only accept private insurance, but our providers also take state Medicaid insurance. We don’t think anyone should have to suffer from opiate dependence and our clinicians believe everyone deserves a fighting chance to become clean, which is why we are readily accessible and make our services easy to afford.

We know opiate addiction is a genuine illness and the first step towards receiving medical treatment starts with calling our program and speaking with one of our suboxone doctors today. -Matthew Steiner


You may wonder, how is addiction a disease? When you are addicted to an opiate like heroin, it changes the entire structure and function of your brain. Opiates bind to the opiate receptors in the brain and it takes over a person’s rational thinking and the only thing that matters is doing whatever is necessary to get drugs. In short, opiate addiction is a medical condition which requires specialized medical treatment and we provide what is needed to help people get and stay clean.

Suboxone is prescribed in a clinic setting by a specialized doctor who has been trained in how the drug needs to be disbursed and utilized. At an Upper Marlboro opiate treatment clinic, a doctor could prescribe Subutex or suboxone and the goal of using medication-assisted treatment is to block the effects of opiates in the brain, which in turn stops cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone is an effective medication for treating heroin dependence, as well as other forms of opiate addiction. If you have Medicaid and are willing to drive to Bowie, please contact our an opiate treatment clinic today, 561-322-8105 and speak to one of our caring specialists and find out how this medication can help release you from the nightmare of chemical dependence.


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