Major Heroin Addiction Problem in Hyattville, MD Worsens February 25, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Epidemic

Opiates are highly addictive and the most common one is heroin, which is deadly and popular all over Hyattsville and other parts of the US. The most common route of administration for heroin is via a needle, which increases a person’s chances of contracting HIV, hepatitis and other blood infections. The reason why it is so hard for someone to stop using opiates is because these drugs cause debilitating cravings and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. As the heroin addiction problem in Hyattville, MD continues to worsen, Transformed Lives MD reaches out for support.

What Can You Do to Recover from Opiate Addiction?

At Transformed Lives MD, we can help you start taking the first steps towards recovery from opiate addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to heroin or any other type of opiate, it pays to know what kind of recovery options are available to you.

Many people cannot devote a long period of time to an inpatient, hospital-like opiate addiction treatment program, and we find our medication-assisted treatment using suboxone is just as effective for our patients. Suboxone is a medication prescribed by a specially trained Hyattsville suboxone doctor, it replaces the person’s opiate of choice and helps prevent craving and withdrawal symptoms, thus making recovery possible.

 How Can You Help Someone You Love Escape Opiate Addiction?

At Transformed Lives MD, we know how difficult it can be to confront a person about their heroin or opiate use. We know many addicts deny their problem or refuse to discuss their drug abuse, because it is embarrassing and very scary. Nobody will readily admit to their addiction issue, but we know it is something that must be done for healing to begin.

At our program, we never judge someone for being addicted to drugs, because we know people didn’t do this to themselves on purpose. Our trained addiction team shows compassion and respect to each person we help, and we treat them with kindness and understanding. Because we know how expensive treatment can be, we accept most major types of insurance and state Medicaid. Please contact our program today and let us help you begin the path to recovery, because it is a beautiful and life-changing journey we are proud to be a part of. Just because the the heroin addiction problem in Hyattsville continues to worsen, does not mean there is no hope. Our suboxone treatment program among others are rising up to meet the massive need for treatment.


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