Ketamine Therapy for Opiate Addiction Treatment November 27, 2022 0 Ketamine

Online Suboxone doctor Baltimore, MD Accepting Medicaid Transformed Lives MD and Lifestream Health Center work with Suboxone doctors in Baltimore, Bowie, Glen Burnie, and Fells Pointe area. Our Suboxone doctors have helped 100’s of addicted individuals and their families. If you are suffering from opiate addiction or addiction to heroin or prescription pain medications that are opiate based, please reach out. Addiction does not have to be a life long illness. You can recover from drug addiction / alcoholism.

Ketamine Therapy – The New Defense Against Opiate Addiction

Ketamine infusions are being prescribed for addiction, alcoholism, depression, PTSD, anxiety and sleeping disorders as well as Asthma. Ketamine Therapy is quickly becoming mainstream and being used effectively for Dual Diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation services. Ketamine infusion therapy doctors are choosing Ketamine over Suboxone in some cases especially with patients that may not be physically dependent but not addicted to the opiate pain medications they are currently taking. There is some confusion between physically dependent and addicted. One does not require Suboxone in most cases. Ketamine can be helpful to break the chain, the physical dependence while tapering off all opiate medications or drugs.

Online Suboxone Doctor Prescribes Ketamine Infusions In Office

Many Suboxone doctors have chosen to see patients online through telehealth or telemedicine Zoom Suboxone Doctor Appointments. Many suboxone clinics in Maryland are now recruiting top rated Ketamine Therapy Doctors to ensure patients with Dual Diagnosis do not go without the proper medication or addiction treatment services. Ketamine may be the best option for those who have been trying SSRI or anti-depressants without any real success. Those who are treatment-resistant to typical anti-depressants medications are encouraged to explore Ketamine infusion Therapy options / programs.

Suboxone Rehabilitation and Ketamine Infusion Therapy

For more information about Suboxone treatment, Suboxone clinics or Suboxone clinics near you, please call us at 301-860-0305. For information about Ketamine, Ketamine infusions, Ketamine therapy programs, Ketamine doctors or Ketamine clinics, please reach out to us today. Kambo may be another options for patients to explore. Although Kambo cleanse or Kambo Detox is not provided by our clinics and doctors, there are some recent studies showing health benefits.


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