Medication-Assisted Rehab (MAT): Getting Real About Recovery October 8, 2018 0 Bowie MD

At our medication-assisted rehab clinic, we are dedicated to removing the obstacles that stop a person from having a meaningful and progressive recovery journey. Given the staggering number of opiate overdose deaths we face as a country, our program understands and endorses MAT as an important tool to save lives. Don’t try to stop using opiates on your own, because with our MAT services it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and physically draining.

What Makes Medication-assisted treatment Successful?

Medication-assisted rehab combines medications and behavioral therapy to treat someone who has an addiction to opiates. The use of certain types of medication have become central to MAT programs and it is integral to treating addiction to drugs like heroin, Vicodin, Oxycontin, and others. MAT addresses opiate dependence controls cravings, reduces withdrawal symptoms and it is done while being supervised by a licensed suboxone doctor. Medication-assisted treatment is successful because it helps someone become stabilized, allows the person to think healthy thoughts and can prevent relapse.

How Long Does MAT Last?

While MAT primarily addresses acute withdrawal symptoms, the length of time someone uses these services will vary. Most of the intense withdrawal symptoms that result from opiate cessation are controlled by medication, and a suboxone doctor will initiate a tapering schedule designed to gradually wean a person off opiates completely. The goal of having someone taper down from suboxone is a decision to be made at the discretion of the doctor, after taking the patients’ needs into consideration.

Why Should You Contact Our Suboxone Rehab Program?

If you are battling with an addiction to opiates and have tried to become clean with traditional treatment, but it didn’t work, maybe it’s time for something different. Don’t let fears or thoughts of failure stop you from contacting our medication-assisted rehab, because it’s a choice you’ll never regret. Our suboxone clinic is available to help, right now, any time of the day or night, we are dedicated to answering a call for help no matter what.



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