Transformed Lives MD is providing Medication-Assisted Treatment in Bowie and Glen Burnie, Maryland.  These doctors have gone through a specialized training to be able to prescribe Suboxone medication management for those who suffer from opioid dependence.  Suboxone clinics in and around the Baltimore area are a well-needed resource.  These clinics are a welcome solution to the opiate epidemic that the area has been facing.

Addiction Treatment Center

Some healthcare professionals are saying exactly that! Medical professionals are using Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology to overcome withdrawals and institute change and recovery. Suboxone helps with withdrawal side effects connected with opiate addiction, while attempting to rid opiates from the body. Suboxone helps to lesson symptoms of withdrawal such as, sweats, sleep deprivation and nervousness.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our top-rated clinics in Bowie and Glen Burnie are now taking new patients. More clinics and more certified doctors mean better individual care and less waiting for clients. We are now offering telemedicine and telehealth for at-risk patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Too many young people have died from this horrific problem in the area.  Suboxone clinics are already showing fantastic results, with many individuals having success in the fight against opioid addiction. The use of Suboxone helps prevent overdoses because of the opiate blocker in Suboxone.

IOP Services

There are many modalities of recovery for you to choose from. Our addiction recovery program is tried, tested, and proven to work best.  You will find that your best results for change and recovery is Suboxone. If you are suffering from opioid dependence, reach out for help today.  Suboxone is usually managed in an outpatient setting and is best when joined with other medication treatment and behavioral directing medicines, counseling, and therapy. Suboxone is professionally prescribed by certified doctors who intend to help individuals who are battling with an opiate dependence. The deadly and powerful chemicals that are being mixed in with opiates today are killing people by the thousands. Call our clinic in Bowie and Glen Burnie for Medication-Assisted Treatment today and change your life!


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