Opiate Addiction is Killing Rockville, MD Residents March 2, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Epidemic

Of all the different types of drug problems in the world, opiate or heroin addiction remains one with the most horrible ramifications- it can and does kill. Addiction of this type is deadly and in addition to the health problems, the risks associated with opiates are more serious than with other drugs. If you are in the Rockville area and struggling with an opiate addiction, please contact Transformed Lives MD right now to get the help you need to become clean.

Who is at Risk for Opiate Addiction?

Opiate addiction dominates the US, it does not discriminate against age, gender, or socio-economic status. In fact, if someone were to view statistical information about opiate addicts in America, you would be surprised to find such a comprehensive array of citizens who are dependent on these drugs.

Why do people become addicted to opiates?

Developing an addiction to opiates isn’t hard to do because the drugs are so powerful and enticing. There are lots of reasons why people become addicted to opiates, and many addicts started out taking prescription painkillers and graduated onto something harder over time. Whatever the reasons might be, once opiates take hold over a person, nothing else matters but finding the drug and doing it as much as possible.

How does Transformed Lives MD help opiate addicts?

First, we believe in working with people, no matter if they have private insurance or state Medicaid. Secondly, we believe in making our services affordable and convenient, we are available and accessible when someone is ready to give up opiates. Lastly, we never judge someone for their life choices, we believe there’s nobody harder on the addict than themselves, we aren’t here to scold or belittle you. Our services are offered freely, and our doors are open to all those who are ready to take a chance on themselves and are tired of allowing opiate addiction to control their lives.


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