Why Opiate Addiction in Servena PK has Become a Problem March 5, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate Addiction in MD Has Become a State Crisis

Opiate dependence isn’t just the scourge of Washington D.C. and Virginia, it’s also crippling the state of Maryland and regional leaders are serious about doing something to change things. In 2017, opiate addiction painkillers were responsible for the deaths of at least 918 people in MD, 1,100 in Virginia and 198 in D.C. Public health officials aren’t optimistic about the death toll in the coming year either. Transformed Lives MD is serious about helping people in Servena Pk and the surrounding counties, because we want to save lives.

The Governor of MD said there are no state boundaries or state lines when it comes to opiate dependence, because it has hit everywhere hard.

Why is opiate addiction considered a public health crisis?

Opiate dependence must be treated like a public health crisis, because in order to motivate people to receive treatment there must be no stigma attached. The entire region of MD is caught up in the horrible circumstances related to opiate dependence and once treatment is readily available and people aren’t judged, there’s a greater chance of success.

Frightening statistics about prescription medication opioid abuse

The Centers for Disease Control reports opiate abuse accounted for 61% of all overdose deaths within America I 2014. Although the number of methadone deaths have fallen dramatically, this is attributed because other opiates are surging in popularity.

With the help of our suboxone doctor, you could visit our clinic and receive medication-assisted drug treatment that will allow you to become clean within a matter of weeks. We are dedicated to doing our part to end the horrors of opiate deaths in MD and we invite you to contact our program to find out what we can do for you.

Transformed Lives MD can transform your life!

Whether you have private medical insurance or are on state insurance Medicaid, we promise to do all we can to help you become clean. Please contact our treatment clinic today, talk to our caring medical team and find out how good it can be to live a life free from the terrible consequences of opiate addiction.


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