Suboxone Clinic Baltimore MD Cares About It’s Patients May 21, 2018 0 Heroin Addiction

Suboxone is a sublingual tablet which is prescribed for people who are addicted to opiates. The main active ingredient in suboxone is buprenorphine, a partially activating opiate that has strong binding power. The partially activating action of buprenorphine allows the medication to curb cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Our Suboxone clinic in Baltimore prescribe the medication because they genuinely care about their patients and want the best possible outcome for them.

Another ingredient in suboxone is naloxone, which is an opiate agonist. When the medication is taken as prescribed, the effects of naloxone are not noticeable. However, if suboxone is taken in larger amounts than prescribed, the naloxone effects remove opiates from receptors in the brain. Instead of experiencing euphoria, a person will experience overwhelming and fast-acting withdrawal symptoms.

How Do Suboxone Clinics in Baltimore Show They Care?

When someone goes into a clinic for treatment, they can instantly tell suboxone doctors in Maryland care about their patients. Not only does a physician look after each patient and monitor their progress, but a doctor will always act in a caring, professional manner and do what is in the patient’s best interest. Our doctors genuinely care about each patient, if a patient has a relapse, we don’t judge, we help the person get back on track and work hard to ensure recovery happens.

Why Should a Person Consider Our Program?

Our suboxone clinics in Baltimore are licensed and specially trained to safely dispense the drug and oversee a person’s medication-assisted treatment. You no longer must carry around the burdens and shame of opiate addiction any longer, because our program offers help that works and our doctors care for each patient throughout the treatment and recovery process. If you or someone you love is struggling with opiate addiction and wants to become drug-free please contact our program today to find out who we are and the services, we offer. Our Suboxone clinic in Baltimore is now accepting new patients and does accept Medicaid.


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