Suboxone Doctors to Ketamine Therapy Specialists December 1, 2022 0 Alternative Treatment Options

Heroin addiction has claimed the lives of 100,000 fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers in 2022. The death toll is increasing well beyond that of the Vietnam War and or all wars combined for that matter. More than ever do we need top rated Suboxone doctors and or highly specialized Ketamine infusion therapy doctors and clinics. We are seeing Dual Diagnosis increasing annually. It is important that we remove the barriers to treatment and provide what each person needs and desperately deserves.

Suboxone Doctor and Ketamine Therapy Specialists

Opiate addiction leads to depression and or Dual Diagnosis. More than ever Ketamine is being prescribed to assist with addiction and or depression. Ketamine is also being prescribed for Asthma, chronic pain, acute pain even PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder.

Ketamine Doctor Baltimore Maryland Saves Lives

Dr. Merritt and her team of pain management specialists in Bowie, Glen Burnie, Baltimore and Fells Point are helping people addicted and depressed find relief. Addiction causes pain but the suffering that comes along with it, that is optional and can be avoided. Suboxone helps relieve the opiate withdrawal symptoms. Ketamine helps break the chains of shame, guilt, remorse and fears that bind us to our drug of choice.

Suboxone Rehab vs Ketamine Therapy

Our team here at Transformed Lives MD or Lifestream Health Center pride themselves on never taking a one way or the highway approach when it comes to treating drug addiction or mental health illnesses such as Dual Diagnosis patients that suffer from addiction and depression or addiction and PSTD.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Addiction Rehabilitation

Suboxone treatment in Baltimore, MD. Suboxone rehab in Glen Burnie, MD. Suboxone doctor in Bowie, MD. Whether you are searching for a suboxone doctor near me or Ketamine doctor near me? Transformed Lives MD is here to help connect you with the best suboxone doctor or medication-assisted treatment program and or Ketamine infusion therapy doctor or Ketamine therapy clinic.


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