Suboxone is Used for Medication-Assisted Treatment May 23, 2018 0 Medication-assisted Treatment

The suboxone is used for medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is successful for helping many people overcome opiate addiction. Using MAT for opiate addiction can help someone successfully kick his or her opiate addiction. Opiates include prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin, while heroin is also included in this classification, these medications are dangerous and highly addictive.

What is the Suboxone Purpose for MAT?

MAT is a treatment that uses medication for controlling cravings and alleviating withdrawal symptoms that come from opiate cessation. The suboxone is used for medication-assisted treatment is to help address the issues related to opiate dependence. Evidence-based treatment methods like MAT are often needed to help someone overcome addiction and maintain long-term recovery, which is why our program believes in it so strongly.

Why Do People Abuse Opiates?

From the desire to party and get high, or to relieve horrible pain, there are many different reasons why someone will abuse opiates. A large majority of people start to misuse opiates after being prescribed these types of medications for a valid medical reason. Sadly, people who misuse opiates can go on to abuse heroin because it is cheaper or easier to acquire. Opiate abuse changes the chemistry in the brain that leads to addiction. A person will develop an overpower urge or craving for the drug, sometimes these substances are so powerful a person can lose control which makes it harder to refuse the drug, even when use becomes harmful or dangerous. The suboxone purpose is to be prescribed for someone who is trying to recover from opiate addiction because it helps eliminate cravings and lessens withdrawal symptoms.

How Our Program Changes Lives:

Our program is very different from others because we only use the highest quality, skilled and trained addiction medicine specialists. We genuinely care about our clients, we take a vested and personal interest in seeing each of our patients thrive and succeed. Through the suboxone is used to medication-assisted treatment, we have and are saving lives each day, please call our program today for further assistance and to see how we can help you. If you are living in a sober living house, please be sure to check with the owners to make sure you can take suboxone before starting a MAT program.


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