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Opiate Addiction Treatment in Bowie, MD

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When you or a loved one is struggling with an opiate dependence or any other type of substance use disorder, an outpatient medication-assisted therapy plan is essential as a first line defense. With medication-assisted treatment, a patient is able to quickly discontinue dangerous narcotics without having painful, dangerous side effects from withdrawal and there’s no need for prolonged hospitalization.

Call us to schedule an initial consultation with our medical team here at Transformed Lives MD. Our suboxone clinic in Bowie is the premier provider for Outpatient Opiate Addiction Treatment in the BALTIMORE /BOWIE MD area and we are currently accepting new patients with Medicaid or private insurance.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT is used for treating opioid use disorder. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, use of Food and Administration approved medications in combination with evidence-based therapies for helps people recover from opiate addiction. MAT is instrumental in the fight against the opiate epidemic and at Transformed Lives, we’ve seen all the good it can do.

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Opiate Addiction Treatment in Bowie, MD


Dr. Merrit and the staff here are amazing. Very caring and non-judgemental. I get very anxious and nervous coming to doctors for the first time and Dr. Merrit made me feel so comfortable. I’m so glad I found this office!

Michael S.

I have been to 6 inpatient rehabs all over the country. I would stay clean 30-90 days after I graduated and then relapse because the cravings and noise in my head were just too much to bear. However, now that I have 9 months clean and taking my medication as prescribed, I really do feel as though I have a shot this time around. Things are working out so well.

Samantha P.

What else can I possibly say that the team doesn’t already know? These guys are the absolute best. They rescued me from me. Without them, I do honestly believe I would have died of a heroin overdose by now. So thank you TLMD for saving my life!

Forever thankful

Dr Merritt is thorough, concise and Very knowledge in her field. I left her office with cleat idea of what might be going and next steps. She involved me in the process and respected me as a patient. Definitely going back!!!!!

John M.

Having seen several doctors for a severe spine injury, I never know what to expect but I am so pleased to have found Dr. Merritt. She genuinely cared about me, listened to my concerns and also came up with a treatment plan for me. I highly recommend her. She definitely took her time with me.

Jesseca A.

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