Heroin to Suboxone to Ketamine to Nature November 30, 2022 0 Alternative Treatment Options

At Transformed Lives MD we see patients moving from heroin to suboxone to ketamine to nature or Medical Cannabis. Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health are 3 areas that our country is falling short. With over 100,000 mothers, fathers, sisters and brother lost to opiate addiction drug overdoses/drug overdoses, families are crying out for alternative solutions. Oxycontin turned people to heroin and now heroin has turned people towards fentanyl. We need to BREAK THE CHAIN. We need to provide a healthier path, a new alternative to recovery.

From pain management doctors in Bowie to online glen burnie suboxone doctors accepting Medicaid, we have the resources for people seeking mental health counseling or addiction rehabilitation services. Our medication-assisted treatment and Ketamine therapy and Medical Cannabis healthcare model provides people with the medications that they need and the treatment services or therapy that benefit most from. Whether it is getting an injection for pain management or suboxone for opiate addiction treatment, our team of highly specialized doctors in Bowie, Glen Burnie, Baltimore and Fells Point are here to help you today, now.

For more information about psychedelic therapy for Ketamine infusion therapy, please reach out to one of our Ketamine doctors for a complimentary consultation to discuss all your Ketamine Therapy or Ketamine infusions treatment options available to you. Ketamine is being prescribed to treat depression, addiction, anxiety, Asthma, PTSD and pain both acute and chronic.

Transformed Lives MD led by Dr. Sarah Merritt has helped over 250 people in the past couple years break free from the grips of heroin or opiate addiction. We are proud to say, many are doing well, continuing on their path to recovery. Some are still in and out, struggling, it is they that we keep in our prayers as addiction still has a hold. Today, more than ever, we must break down the barriers to mental health and addiction treatment services. More than ever we must band together and fight this darkness that plagues are our communities and takes our children from us prematurely. Today, more than ever we must help people move from heroin to suboxone to ketamine to nature. A’ho Amen. God Bless


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