For many people struggling with an addiction to opiates, overcoming that addiction is one of the most difficult and challenging endeavors they can ever experience. Without professional help from a suboxone clinic in Baltimore area, a person will not likely be able to break free from the deadly cycle of opiate addiction and become clean. By entering a proper treatment program and receiving medication-assisted drug rehab, a person can overcome their chemical dependence and experience the healthiest, brightest future possible.

Medication-assisted drug treatment is one of the most valuable types of rehab and it Is more convenient than a residential or inpatient rehab program. Some people can’t enroll into a long-term treatment program because of time constraints, income restrictions and daily responsibilities, an intensive outpatient rehab program is a much better option and it allows the individual to remain in their home, attend work and continue engaging in other important daily activities.

Our suboxone clinic in Baltimore

Dr. Merritt’s office designed to provide one of the most invaluable types of treatment for opiate addiction. Our program offers both medication and therapeutic intervention that helps both men and women in the healing and recovery process. Opiate dependence causes intense and overpowering cravings and the withdrawal symptoms can be so difficult to contend with that only through medication-assisted treatment can these issues be successfully controlled and conquered.

Professional suboxone treatment helps people who are dealing with an opiate addiction understand and process how they became addicted in the first place. By participating in a comprehensive medical clinic in Baltimore area, a person can receive the medication needed to control their opiate cravings, drug withdrawal and it helps prevent relapses once the individual becomes clean.

Suboxone is a government approved medication that’s been approved for use in opiate addiction. Medication-assisted treatment isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve tried beating an opiate dependence before and nothing has worked, perhaps it is time to consider contacting our Baltimore area suboxone clinic today, to give something new and different a try.

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