here are bound to be many questions a person has in relation to opiate addiction and suboxone treatment. One of the most common questions is are there any doctors in Bowie that prescribe suboxone for Medicaid patients? Another question that is sure to come up, is a person probably wonders how long Medicaid pays for suboxone.

For people who have private insurance, being prescribed suboxone for opiate dependence will probably not require any preauthorization’s or referrals. Because suboxone is addictive, it’s important for someone to only take it as the medication has been prescribed and to only use the services of a specialized suboxone doctor whose been trained in how to utilize the drug.

People barely have enough money to feed themselves let alone come up with $300-$700 a month for Suboxone – or medication-assisted treatment – Matthew Steiner, CEO Addicted Minds

Someone who is suffering from opiate dependence may have tried inpatient drug treatment before and it might not have worked. Other people may not have private medical insurance and cannot afford to reside in an inpatient treatment program, not many can devote the time or money to long-term care. People with state insurance coverage will have a different set of issues to deal with and while it is difficult to find a suboxone doctor who is accepting new patients, it’s even more difficult to find a doctor who prescribes Suboxone and accepts Medicaid insurance.

Finding a Suboxone Clinic That Accepts Medicaid – Almost Impossible – Until Now

Often it can be so hard to find a suboxone doctor in Bowie who accepts Medicaid for medication assisted treatment, people will give up out of frustration and anger. It’s sometimes better to work with a treatment directory to find out a listing of different doctors who prescribe suboxone and to contact each one individually to find out if they accept Medicaid or if they work on a sliding scale or take payments in lieu of private insurance.

If you or someone you love is struggling with opiate dependence and wishes to become clean from the addiction, there are many things to consider. If you do not have private insurance, cannot afford to enter a long-term inpatient rehab and wish to try medication assisted treatment, please contact Transformed Lives MD today.

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