Suboxone Clinic in Bowie Maryland Treating Opiate Addiction with Telemedicine June 3, 2019 0 Addiction Treatment

Telemedicine is a relatively new concept in the world of addiction treatment which takes place through a secure internet connection. While our suboxone clinic Bowie Maryland is open and operating for in-person visits, our providers know there are many people out there with opiate addiction and no way to access treatment. Our clinic is currently investigating ways of incorporating telemedicine into our program because it’s important to reach as much of the addicted population as possible.

What is Telemedicine?

In some ways, a telemedicine program can offer more information into a patient’s circumstances than an office meeting because a video conference can give insight into a patient’s home life. As the opiate epidemic continues to grow at an alarming rate, telemedicine can play a vital role in the solution. The Support for Patients and Communities Act is making it easier for doctors to prescribe medication-assisted treatment with suboxone for opiate addiction. Telemedicine is a way of bringing a patient and provider together no matter what obstacles might prevent someone from visiting a clinic in person.

How is Telemedicine More Convenient for Patients in Rural Areas?

Telemedicine can bridge an enormous gap in areas throughout the United States that need the most help for opiate addiction treatment. The revelation of telemedicine can be used as a regular part of treatment for people by being easier to access. Patients who participate in medication-assisted treatment can use telemedicine to participate in therapy and it can also be used in follow-up care after someone leaves treatment. Our suboxone clinic Bowie Maryland is going to be launching a telemedicine program soon and we will accept new patients with no waiting list.

Our Suboxone Clinic Bowie Maryland Can Help You Now:

Although some addiction medicine specialists feel telemedicine is impersonal and doesn’t allow for trust to foster between patient and provider, they couldn’t be more wrong. The mission of our suboxone clinic Bowie Maryland is to provide a clear path to healing and recovery for each and every person who reaches out for our help. We offer nonjudgmental support, a safe environment, a structured schedule and all the tools someone needs to embrace the joy and contentment of a drug-free life.



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