If you’ve decided to get some help for your heroin or opiate addiction at a medication-assisted treatment program, you might be wondering if suboxone is right for you. While methadone treatment is the usual accepted type of treatment for opiate addiction, things have changed with the option of treatment using suboxone. You can find licensed, experienced suboxone doctors in Bowie, MD at Transformed Lives.

What are the rules of suboxone therapy?

It’s been very difficult for some people to find a local suboxone doctor, because these professionals aren’t located in every community. Medication-assisted treatment programs are there, but when you wish to use suboxone, sometimes you may encounter a waiting list or the doctor is located a considerable distance from where you live. Don’t give up and don’t stop trying to find a doctor to help you, because doing that could wind up causing your death from an overdose.

You may not know that the federal government controls the number of patients that can be seen by a doctor who prescribes suboxone. Before being able to prescribe the medication, a physician must undergo training to be able to dispense suboxone safely. In the first year, a doctor has been approved to prescribe suboxone, they can only see thirty patients. After the first year has passed, the doctor can see up to one-hundred patients and that is a grand total no matter how many offices they might have.
Treating opiate addiction is not like visiting your regular doctor when you are sick. Someone seeing a suboxone doctor and using the medication must be monitored closely, therefore a physician can only see a certain number of patients at a time.

If you or a loved one has been battling an addiction to opiates and are interested in finding out more information about suboxone, please contact Transformed Lives right now, because can help you. Our suboxone doctors in Bowie, MD will compose a treatment plan that’s customized to your unique needs because we believe everyone should know the true joys of recovery.

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