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If you’re reading this information, chances are you and or someone you love is probably thinking about finding a suboxone doctor. Before committing to a suboxone clinic for opiate treatment, it’s important you know and understand what the drug is and how it works. You shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations, because while you will be using medication to become clean, there is still hard work and effort which is required from you.


Suboxone is a medication that’s used for treating opiate addiction. The drug has two ingredients in it:

  • Buprenorphine: this is a partial opiate agonist and it helps ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. Naloxone: a medication that’s used for reducing opiate overdoses and it’s an ingredient included in suboxone. Naloxone and buprenorphine work in two different ways, but together they combine to make a drug that helps people become clean from opiate addiction. The medication can only be safely prescribed by licensed doctors, so don’t use it if you haven’t received it from a professional outpatient or inpatient detox center.


Opiate maintenance therapy is considered by some as a last resort for treatment when others have failed to help the person get clean. However, at Transformed Lives MD, we fully believe our medication-assisted treatment is the best option for helping people get clean from opiate addiction, because it allows success when other treatment for opioids hasn’t worked.

TRANSFORMED LIVES MD CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! With the help of our suboxone clinic, a person can return to a functional life without having to deal with the troublesome effects of opiate cravings and withdrawal. One thing which makes our program unique and different from others is the fact we not only accept private insurance, but we work with clients who have state Medicaid. We will never judge you for your drug addiction, so know when you call us, our suboxone doctor will help you and provide you with care-no matter what!


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