Are you someone on Medicaid and are having a difficult time finding a doctor that prescribes? Unfortunately, there are not many doctors that accept Medicaid, but once you find one, it’s possible to begin healing and leading a clean and sober life.

What is Medicaid and Does it Cover The Medication Suboxone

When someone is ready to receive help for an opiate addiction it can be frustrating to try and find a doctor, but there’s reason to hope. If you are someone who has been living with opiate dependence and are having a hard time finding suboxone help, please don’t give up because we can assist you in locating a doctor.

Medicaid is a federal medical insurance program and it’s administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  People must meet certain income guidelines and be below a certain percentage of the state poverty level in order to qualify for Medicaid. Many people trying to find a doctor who accepts Medicaid have a hard time because it’s common to hear the doctor is full or not accepting new patients.

People who suffer from opiate addiction often times require inpatient drug treatment, but if someone can’t afford to devote an extended period of time to being in a hospital-like setting, it is better to find an outpatient option instead. Our program is used to working with people of any income level and with many types of medical insurance, we are also familiar with the process of placing someone who has Medicaid with a suboxone doctor.

If you’re ready to be on the road to recovery and wish to stop abusing opiate medication, you can contact our program today. We provide you with the contacts and resources needed to start rebuilding your life. Many of our employees are well versed with the struggles an opiate addict goes through and because of this experience, we will do whatever is necessary to help whomever needs it.

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