If Addicted to Opiates Find a Suboxone Doctor February 26, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Epidemic

Residents from Bethesda come to Transformed Lives MD, an opiate addiction clinic that accepts Medicaid. The rehabilitation programs has different phases, the initial one is called the “induction” and it happens under the supervision of a licensed suboxone doctor. The early phase of induction into the clinic will start once a person begins the early stages of withdrawal. Our suboxone doctor will try to find the lowest dose of medication to prescribe that will reduce cravings, without causing opiate withdrawal.

Do All Doctors Prescribe Suboxone?

If somebody takes suboxone before going into the early stages of drug withdrawal or has other opiates in their system, the drug will cause withdrawal to come on. The stabilization phase of medication-assisted opiate addiction treatment starts once a person’s cravings for opiates have stopped and the side effects have reduced.

After a person has gone through the stabilization phase of opiate treatment, the next period of recovery is called “maintenance.” At your opiate addiction clinic, your suboxone doctor will continue to prescribe medication for you and have you participate in counseling. Once a person has been stabilized, the next phase of recovery is to slowly taper down the dosage of suboxone to ensure a person is weaned off the drug effectively and safely.

 Residents in Bethesda Come To Transformed Lives Because Our Doctor Accepts Medicaid and Prescribe Suboxone to Help Those Addicted To Opiates and in Withdrawal.

At Transformed Lives MD, you can speak to one of our caring treatment specialists who can direct you to the best possible opiate addiction clinic to help you get clean. We know recovery is probably something you don’t picture for yourself, but we know with time and effort it can become a reality.

We don’t judge anybody for coming to us for help and we accept most major insurances, as well as Medicaid. If you live in Bethesda and need opiate addiction treatment, our Bowie, MD clinic consists of certified doctors who prescribe Suboxone please give us a call.


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