Same Day Suboxone Treatment in Baltimore April 24, 2018 0 Heroin Addiction

A lot of people who are struggling with an addiction to opiates just decide one day to stop. It can be confusing to figure out how to stop, but that’s where our treatment program comes in. Finding same day suboxone treatment in Baltimore doesn’t have to be difficult, and we simplify the process as much as possible.

Does same day suboxone treatment in Baltimore require a consultation?

When a person comes to our clinic for same day suboxone treatment, it’s necessary to perform a consultation. During a consultation, a client will meet with our board-certified treatment providers who have special suboxone treatment in Baltimore. If the patient and doctor feel the drug would be a good treatment option, the person then goes on to the treatment phase.

To begin, a person should not take their first dose of suboxone until they are well into withdrawal. Our suboxone doctor suggests a patient takes the first dose of the drug while in the comfort of their own home. After a week of taking the drug, a patient will come back at the agreed upon time and discuss the next phase of suboxone treatment in Baltimore. In the end, our goal is to ensure our patient can safely and effectively taper down from suboxone and become drug-free.

What if you relapse?

Although uncommon, some people do experience a relapse back into drug use, while taking suboxone. If this happens, we hope our client is honest with us about because it’s the only way we can get back on track with treatment. We won’t judge you or shame you if you relapse, because we understand it can happen and its part of some people’s recovery process. Don’t worry if you’ve relapsed, we can still help you.

Why should you select our suboxone clinic for treatment?

Maybe you’ve tried other treatment options to give up your opiate addiction and so far, nothing has worked. For whatever the reasons that may have made your treatment fail before, we welcome and urge you to try our same day suboxone treatment.

Perhaps you’ve done inpatient detox and treatment and spent thousands of dollars on treatment in the past, if so, we can show you how our program uses suboxone to improve a client’s chances of recovery. Research has shown time and again that more people remain clean a year after suboxone treatment in Batlimore, if you want a better chance at a drug-free future, call us today!


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