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Suboxone clinic in the Baltimore/Bowie area of Maryland is now taking new patients.  We take Medicaid and many other private insurances. Call Transformed Lives MD at (301)-298-5294 for an appointment and our friendly staff will help you. Our clinic has helped many individuals who were suffering from opioid addiction to stop using opiates and to totally change their lives. Our recovery process is simple but very effective.

Discontinue Using Dangerous Narcotics Quickly!

We utilize medications assisted treatment and technology. Suboxone and other medications as needed, counseling, and technology. We do this treatment on an outpatient basis. Patients are able to quickly discontinue using dangerous narcotics without having any of the painful and dangerous side effects from detoxification withdrawals.Smartphones help patients to track their progress in recovery and to build a recovery community. Setting goals and developing action plans, set patients up for success. Suboxone treatment works!

Suboxone clinic in the Baltimore/Bowie area

Suboxone is a combination two medications, Buprenorphine and Naloxone. The Suboxone takes away the cravings for opioids and withdrawal side effects and the Naloxone stops most overdoses. Once you call our Suboxone clinic and make your initial appointment, you can fill out your new patient forms online or just prior to your appointment the day of your visit. Our addiction specialists will spend all of the time that is needed to help you; we know that every patient is an individual with different needs.

Follow-Up Appointments are Very Important

Before you leave your initial appointment, one of our friendly staff members will schedule a follow-up appointment with you.  It is very important that you keep your follow-up appointment so that you don’t run out of medication and expose yourself to a possible relapse. Come and see us at Transformed Lives MD, at our Suboxone clinic in the Baltimore/Bowie area of Maryland.


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