What are the Driving Forces Behind Opiate Addiction? February 26, 2018 0 Addiction Treatment

As many people are aware, the opiate crisis has hit hard across the entire country. There’s no place that’s immune to the effects of the opiate epidemic, which is why Transformed Lives MD sees many people in need of treatment from in and around the Annapolis area. Opiate addiction causes serious health, social and personal issues, which is why we ensure our services are readily available and affordable for anyone in need.

Can Suboxone Really with Opiate Addiction?

While there are many different options available for treating chemical dependence, we believe in medication-assisted drug treatment. Our suboxone doctor has been specially trained and has a unique prescriber number from the Food and Drug Administration. A suboxone clinic or individual doctor is only allowed to have a certain number of patients under treatment at one time, which makes it very important for you to get help when you’ve finally made up your mind to get clean.

Opiate addiction can be one of the most difficult of all addictions to treat, but with our knowledge and your hard work, it’s not impossible. A suboxone doctor helps someone find the right dose of the drug, gets the person through withdrawal safely and sticks with the person until they finally become weaned from the medication and can remain drug-free.

The driving force behind opiate abuse is the intense cravings and the uncomfortable withdrawal a person goes through when they don’t have their drug of choice. We totally understand what you are dealing with and we endeavor to always the best we can to help our patients get clean, no matter what.

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Why do you continue engaging in drug use and letting it control your life? Do you not realize how much better you could feel without being dependent on an opiate? What keeps you from reaching out for professional help? Why would you continue carrying around the burden and shame of drug addiction for one more day?

Transformed Lives MD accepts most insurance plans, even if you are on Medicaid, please don’t lose hope because we will still help you. It’s our firm belief and true mission to save lives from opiate addiction, so don’t waste another second suffering, when you can pick up the phone and call us right now! Suboxone Doctor Baltimore and Recovery 365 is one of the new clinics headquarters and provides a number of excellent articles and new reports should you like some more information about medication-assisted treatment.

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