How Glen Burnie, MD Residents Choose a Suboxone Clinic March 5, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Treatment

How to Choose a Suboxone Clinic in Glen Burnie, MD

If you live in the state of Maryland and have been impacted by the opiate crisis, choosing a suboxone clinic should be something you give serious thought. Currently, the state has enacted legislation to battle heroin and opiate overdoses in the state and it’s hoped through education, prevention, treatment and law enforcement it can be resolved. At Transformed Lives MD, we see people from all over the state, particularly in the Glen Burnie area, and we have been instrumental in helping many become clean.

What is a suboxone clinic?

Outpatient detoxification for opiate dependence can take place in a clinic under the supervision of a licensed medical profession. Suboxone is safe when used to help someone control the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate cessation.  A medication-assisted drug treatment program is done on an outpatient basis and the addict will meet with a suboxone doctor who has been specially trained to assist in the detox process and make sure the person is able to safely come off opiates.

Does treatment with suboxone work?

When our suboxone doctor starts a patient on the medication, the person must be experiencing mild to moderate withdrawal. At this point, the opiates from heroin or prescription painkillers have begun to leave the body and brain’s opiate receptors. A person’s withdrawal symptoms will lessen as suboxone fills up the brain receptors and suppresses withdrawal and cravings.

Because suboxone does come with its own side effects and warnings, it’s very important to only take this medication as directed. With time and effort, medication-assisted drug treatment can and does work, but only when facilitated by a suboxone clinic.

Why Transformed Lives MD is the place for you!

If you’ve been struggling with opiate dependence and searching for a suboxone clinic, please contact Transformed Lives MD today. At our suboxone program in the Baltimore, Maryland area, we believe in the use of medication-assisted drug because we’ve personally seen how it can and does save lives. If you want to live the life you deserve, call us right now and begin seeing your hopes and dreams come true.

Please don’t let anything prevent you from seeking help for an opiate addiction. If insurance is a matter of concern, know we accept private insurance and state Medicaid. We truly believe recovery should never be out of reach for anybody, so give us a chance to help you.

If an outpatient clinic is not effective or you would like to taper off suboxone, there are some additional resources found on like inpatient detox center in WPB, FL Future Now Detox. We know the owner Andrey Rossin personally and have even participated in a 10 day NAD Therapy program that was life-changing.


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