How About Treatment with Our Suboxone Clinic Near Me? November 10, 2018 0 Suboxone Clinic Near Me

There are many people who have heard about methadone clinics and they bring up negative images about drug treatment. One option for those in search of an alternative to methadone or long-term inpatient drug treatment is our suboxone clinic near me. Suboxone is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating opioid use disorder and it has given our patients great success at living in recovery.

What is Suboxone Treatment?

At our suboxone clinic, we offer medication-assisted treatment for those with opiate addiction. Our prospective patients are evaluated and treated with regularly scheduled visits in our office and telemedicine services are offered for those who don’t have a location close to their home. A patient using suboxone for opiate addiction recovery are responsible for obtaining a prescription and taking the medication as prescribed. We monitor our patients closely to ensure compliance and detect any drug abuse if it is going on, making sure our patient is progressing through recovery as expected.

How Common is Opioid Use Disorder?

Opiate addiction is more common than you think, addiction medicine specialists believe it’s due to prescription painkillers being overprescribed and increased heroin purity. Opioid use disorder isn’t predictable, it can happen to anybody at any time. Men and women of any age and socio-economic background can become opiate dependent and in need of help from our suboxone clinic near me.


Why You Should Get Help from Our Suboxone Clinic Near Me!

If you’ve been caught up in opioid use disorder and have not been able to stop yourself, you should consider treatment at our suboxone clinic near me. There’s no reason to feel worthless or to continue carrying the shame of your addiction around like a beast of burden. Please let go of your negativity and self-hate now by contacting our program and finally getting help to end your addiction permanently.


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