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Opiate Addiction on the Rise in Alexandria, Virginia

The history of opiates in the United States is as old as the country itself. Opium has been known about since 3400 BCE, when the Sumerians produced the first written reference about the drug. The power of opiates to dull pain while letting the user remain functional means it was the perfect drug to help those suffering from mental and physical discomfort.

When did opiates become popular in Alexandria, VA?

During the American Revolution, the Continental and British armies used opiates to treat the sick and wounded. Laudanum, an opiate concoction of the past, was a favorite during Victorian times and it was readily available in bars, barber shops, tobacconists, confectioners and pharmacies. Laudanum was often less expensive than alcohol and that meant all levels of society could afford it.

Throughout the centuries, other forms of opiates became available and it did nothing but further fuel the use and abuse of the drug.

As more and more evidence became known about opiates and their addictive qualities, the drug started to become available only through physicians and dentists.

What is being done about the opiate crisis in the United States?

The seriousness of opiate addiction in Alexandria, VA cannot be denied any longer, each year countless numbers of people die from an opiate overdose and the problem continues growing. The road to become clean from opiates is going to be long and treacherous, because cravings for the drug will drive a person to the point of madness.

Most people dealing with an addiction to opiates started taking the drug when it was prescribed by a doctor for a legitimate medical reason.  Nobody consciously decides to become a drug addict, but chemical dependence is insidious in nature and nobody is immune to it.

Need help finding a suboxone clinic?

If you find you can’t stop taking opiates and truly want to escape the clutches of addiction, it’s time to make a choice to embrace professional treatment. Please contact our suboxone clinic in Bowie, MD to find out how this medication blocks opiate cravings, saves lives and can allow you to turn your life around again.

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