Why so Many Opiate Overdose Deaths in Laurel, MD? March 4, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Epidemic

What’s Behind the Huge Increase in Opiate-Related Deaths in MD?

Opiates have taken a heavy toll on the state of MD; the current statistics show a huge increase in the number of deaths related to opiate overdose.

Between January and June of 2017, 1,029 Maryland citizens lost their lives to an overdose of opiates. The number for the same period of 2010 was 244, in total.

What has led to the dramatic increase of opiate overdose deaths in MD?

The large number of deaths in the MD (particularly in and around the Laurel area) comes from opiates such as fentanyl, carfentanil and heroin. For these reasons, it is very important to contact us at Transformed Lives MD, because we accept almost all types of insurance, including state Medicaid.

The Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan declared the opioid crisis in Maryland a public health emergency. The state has made unprecedented investments in the prevention, treatment and recovery resources needed to help people struggling with opiate addiction.

In 2018, the state will allocate more than $22 million to fight the epidemic of opioid overdose deaths, with most of the funds going to 24 different MD localities. We at Transformed Lives MD, are devoted to doing our part to help those struggling with opiate dependence and our caring suboxone doctor will see you and prescribe the proper dose of medication to help you kick your drug habit once and for all.

What can suboxone clinic do to help you change your life?

If you don’t want to become the victim of an opiate overdose, we highly stress the importance of contacting our suboxone clinic. We genuinely care, we can help you and it can be the start of a brand-new life for you. Please take your opiate dependence seriously, because we do, and we’ve seen how good it can be to use medication-assisted drug treatment to help people conquer their addiction demons once and for all.

Suboxone Doctor Baltimore is another one our our sister companies and the company’s website provides a wealth of information on various forms of treatment and healthy alternatives to opiate addiction.


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