Could Medical Marijuana Be Delivered to Your Home? June 17, 2018 0 Medical Marijuana

Citizens of Oregon can order marijuana to be delivered to their front door, pretty much like ordering a pizza, Chinese food or an FTD Pick-Me-Up bouquet.

Oregon became the very first state to offer the service in February 2017, with California and Nevada following suite a short time later. Under Oregon legislation, marijuana retailers can deliver products to the home for customers 21 and older within the same city or unincorporated area as their store. There are also daily purchase limits and other restrictions that apply.

Oregon Marijuana Delivery Service: Is it to Good to be True?

Lake County Oregon marijuana shop owners and managers question if home marijuana delivery is worth it.  However, many shops in the Eugene, Oregon area are fully committed to home-delivery, while others are thinking about adding the service.

Whether it is for convenience, novelty or the motivation for more sale, customer demand is the driving force behind shops adding delivery to their services. Delivery services have the potential to reach customers who may not want to visit the shop or may not be able to visit.

Mark Pettinger, spokesman for the Oregon Liquor Control Commissions marijuana program said, “Just like grocers delivering groceries to people, it’s the same kind of service that folks are expecting.”

Marijuana Delivery Statistics:

Marijuana shops could offer home delivery services with the approval of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

In Eugene, there are 23 marijuana shops licensed to do home deliveries, and 14 have done so. Springfield, Oregon has three shops licensed and one has done home delivery. Statewide in Oregon, there are 238 shops licensed in home delivery and 67 in total have delivered.

Oregon began home-delivery of marijuana in early 2017 and as of the middle of March, Eugene and Springfield represent more than 20 percent of statewide sales.  The total amount yielded from home delivery marijuana products is a staggering $1,113,805.00.

Marijuana Home Delivery: The Future

Delivery demand for marijuana products is growing in Oregon and right now all a person needs to do is go to one of the shop’s website, place an online order and it triggers a text and an automated call to the shop. Customers ordering online must present a state issued photo ID and customers ordering by telephone must show an ID to the deliverer.

While home delivery is still limited in some major cities in Oregon, with the growing demand it will soon be available all across the state. (Special thanks to Sim Gershon, a top palm beach attorney for sponsoring this article)


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