Using Telehealth for Opiate Addiction in Fells Point, MD December 15, 2018 0 Fells Point, Telehealth

There are many reasons why a person will delay or decline treatment for an opioid use disorder, both could involve money and time constraints. Some people wish to receive drug treatment, but simply can’t arrange the time and others can’t afford long-term treatment at an inpatient program. Our Fells Point, MD suboxone clinic pledges to do its part and help people in the Fells Point, MD area and those living in any other location across the country.

Why Do We Support Telehealth Services?

Our suboxone clinic and our licensed providers choose to offer telehealth services for medication-assisted treatment or MAT. We have chosen to offer telehealth services because we know people living in remote areas and those who face difficulties accessing treatment could be saved from an overdose death. By offering telehealth services, our Fells Point, MD Suboxone Clinic can reach a broader population of patients, provide better quality of care and reduce patient costs.

Why Has Our Program Chosen to Join the Opiate Epidemic Fight?

We’ve seen the horrors of opiate addiction as it has swept across the country, killing thousands upon thousands of people each year. This horrible affliction has devastated cities and rural communities alike, which is the main reason we are dedicated to fighting back and saving lives.

In due time, for people who live in the Fells Point, MD area we offer telehealth services, same day appointments, no waiting lists, and around-the-clock availability to our patients.

How Can You Pay for MAT Treatment?

A big obstacle to a person receiving treatment is the cost or not having any medical insurance, but at our suboxone clinic in Fells Point, MD you don’t have to worry about these things. Our providers accept any major medical insurance, state Medicaid and Medicare, as well as offer affordable payment plans for those with limited income or financial difficulties. If you or someone you love needs MAT for opioid use disorder, our program is here to help you, whether you live in the Fells Point, MD area or at another location, you can depend on us.


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