Our Suboxone Clinic Bowie Maryland Brings New Beginnings June 3, 2019 0 Bowie MD

Buprenorphine is the generic for suboxone, and the medication is only a small part of treatment itself because it suppresses cravings and stops withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a chronic disease and someone who is addicted to opiates like heroin or fentanyl may find it very difficult to stop using, which is why our suboxone clinic Bowie Maryland can offer a new beginning. The uncontrollable cravings caused by opiates are life consuming and when you are ready to stop, contacting our clinic is a viable option for recovery.

What is Opioid Use Disorder?

The uncontrollable compulsions associated with addiction are the result of brain changes cause by opiates. Because it takes a considerable amount of time for addiction to change the brain, some of these things can be changed. The road to recovery can be very difficult and sometimes the first choice of treatment for someone doesn’t always work, which is where our suboxone clinic Bowie Maryland comes into the picture.

How is Suboxone Used in Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Our clinic prefers to use suboxone for medication-assisted treatment because we’ve seen how well it works for our patients. Suboxone is only prescribed at our clinic after someone has had a visit with our suboxone doctor to determine if they are a candidate for this type of treatment. If someone is unable to visit our location in person for a consultation, we are currently working on incorporating a telemedicine platform for people to access with a smart phone, tablet or personal computer.

Contact Our Suboxone Clinic Bowie Maryland For a Chance to Recover:

Many medical providers in the treatment world mistakenly believe using medication-assisted treatment is like trading one addiction for another, but it’s not. With successful treatment from our suboxone clinic Bowie Maryland, our patients can go on to live a completely drug-free life in recovery. If you are battling to get clean from an opiate addiction, please call our clinic today, talk to one of our doctors and start making the changes you need to start the most rewarding journey you’ll ever make.


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