Suboxone Clinic in Baltimore MD: A Place of Healing July 15, 2018 0 Addiction Treatment

In America, a doctor cannot prescribe suboxone without the proper licensure, training and knowledge.  In 2000, the U.S. government passed a law allowing a doctor in an opiate treatment center to be assigned a DEA “X” number to prescribe suboxone to patients with opiate addiction.  Our suboxone clinic in Baltimore MD works with licensed suboxone doctors to dispense suboxone under careful medical supervision to treat people fighting opiate addiction.

What Kinds of Doctors Can Prescribe Suboxone?

Only a doctor who has a special “X” number from the DEA can prescribe suboxone legally. A doctor who has been specially trained and educated about suboxone and its proper uses and risks can legally prescribe the medicine to treat someone with an opiate addiction. A suboxone clinic in Baltimore MD has a suboxone doctor on staff who has the knowledge and skills to prescribe it for treatment, while monitoring a patient throughout the treatment process.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to a Suboxone Clinic in Baltimore MD?

The best way to find out how much a suboxone clinic in Baltimore MD costs, is to contact a program directly to ask. Prices for suboxone treatment will vary widely, depending on the area of the country, the services provided, the patient’s medical history and the length of treatment needed. A person will need to visit a suboxone doctor for an initial session for an assessment. After the assessment has been done, a person will learn about the total costs of a treatment plan and can discuss with rehab specialists how it can be financed.

Why Should You Go to a Suboxone Clinic to Get Clean?

Although you may be frightened to think about your life without the crutch of opiate addiction, trust us it is much better to be clean. Our suboxone clinic is a non-judgmental place where you can go to receive the care and treatment needed to save your life. Please contact our clinic today, speak to our compassionate staff and find out all you need to know about recovery with suboxone.


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