Washington DC and The Opiate Addiction Crisis February 25, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Epidemic

Nobody wakes up one day and decides to become a heroin addict, for most people it is something they never expected. But, once a person becomes hooked on heroin or any other type of opiate, it’s harder to stop than they ever dreamed.  Full blown opiate addiction is frightening, will change your life, take away your choices, ruin your future and steal you away from everyone you love. The opiate addiction crisis is being felt on a national level and US government officials are slowly starting to recognize the fact that like Washington DC, 1000’s of cities are suffering.

The Opiate Addiction Crisis in Washington DC Worse Ever

The opiate epidemic is in full force around the Washington DC area. According to the Virginia Office of the Medical Examiner, between 2011 and 2013, heroin-related overdose deaths are up 164 percent.

Heroin is a scary drug and the very first time somebody uses it, they could die from an overdose. Many people stuck in the cycle of opiate addiction sadly don’t get help and the end results are tragic. The Centers for Disease Control published a recent study that stated heroin deaths in 28 states, including Virginia, doubled between 2010 and 2012.

Physical dependence or opiate addiction?

The opiate epidemic is hitting all parts of the United States with a vengeance, especially young people. Medical experts report the typical age for first time heroin use is 23 years of age, but many people start younger. It doesn’t matter how young you are when you first used opiates, what matters is you make the choice to stop and you take the steps to become clean, right now!

 Who Are We?

Though you may be addicted to heroin and frightened at what your future looks like, you can recover with time and effort. People in Washington DC can turn to Transformed Lives MD and talk to one of our suboxone doctors right now and find out how you can begin to recover.

You may think because you don’t have private insurance that you’re out of luck as far as getting treatment, but that’s not true. At Transformed Lives MD, we accept most major types of insurance, but the good news is that we also take Medicaid. We believe recovery should never be out of reach, so let us help you.

We know addiction brings shame with it, we understand how hard it is to look at yourself in the mirror each day and be proud and we can help you. We know that nobody ever intends to become addicted to opiates, our program has helped countless people in worse situations than yours.

We care about your future as much as you do and if you want to find out if suboxone can help you get clean, please contact our opiate addiction program today.  We have a clinic staffed with a licensed suboxone doctor who has been specially trained to prescribe the medication. With our help and your hard work, you can soon be living the kind of life you once only dreamed about.


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