Medication Suboxone for Opiate Addiction Offers Hope August 8, 2018 0 Opiate Addiction Treatment

Medical scientists and doctors agree that the best way to approach the opiate epidemic is to get more people to take suboxone for opiate addiction. The reason for the push behind medication-assisted drug treatment is to reduce withdrawal, prevent relapses and to save lives from overdoses. Only a small fraction of people in the country are actually receiving medication-assisted drug treatment and the goal of our clinic is to increase those numbers.

Why is Opiate Addiction Treatment Limited?

One reason why treatment is so limited when it comes to suboxone is because there is a limited number of physicians who are trained and licensed to prescribe it. Another reason why many people avoid any type of treatment is because of the stigma attached to addiction. It is the premise of our clinic to help people gain access to treatment, to remove the stigma of addiction and to show how beneficial suboxone can be for an addicted individual.

Why Doesn’t Long-Term Treatment Work Very Well?

There are many people who go into treatment for months and months, but only come out of it to fail. Most people don’t have six months or more to devote to opiate addiction treatment, either because of a job and personal responsibilities, and a great many more can’t do it because of the high costs involved. Suboxone offers someone the ability to visit a clinic, have a physical performed, and after a consultation with a suboxone doctor, it can be determined if someone is a candidate for the medication or not.

Why You Should Contact Our Clinic Today:

It’s the mission of our opiate addiction treatment center to provide suboxone for opiate addiction people. We’ve seen how horrible the scourge of addiction can be and we know you have probably been struggling with it for a while, so why not contact our program. If you really wish to stop abusing opiates and want to try a different route to healing, call us today and talk to our caring intake coordinators about the wonders of suboxone, it can truly change your life.


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