When someone goes online and searches for an opiate addiction rehab center, the options can be overwhelming. However, once you decide exactly what you will need to heal from your drug addiction, you can then start to narrow down the options.

If you struggle with an addiction to opiates, you need to find a opiate addiction rehab center that focuses on opiate addiction and not alcoholism. In order to decide which program is best suited to help you begin recovering, you should contact a potential program and speak to the intake team to get your questions answered and find out the goals and success rates of the facility.

“Opiates,” describes a broad range of drugs used for their painkilling abilities, examples include fentanyl, morphine, codeine, and illegal ones such as heroin and opium. Opiate addiction is one of the biggest problems facing American society and millions of people are currently struggling with this type of addiction.

In addition to the opiate addiction issues, these drugs are also responsible for overdose deaths and the numbers are steadily increasing. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, of the approximate 55,403 fatal overdose deaths in 2015, 20,101 were due to opiate prescriptions and 12,990 were due to heroin overdose.

Find the best opiate addiction rehab center is just a phone call away

While these statistics are quite alarming to think about, what’s even scarier is that it does nothing to stop someone from using and abusing opiates. Many people will ignore their problems with opiate abuse and addiction, because it is embarrassing and it’s very difficult to admit you’ve lost control of your own life.

Trying to beat an addiction to opiates is extremely difficult to accomplish because these drugs produce powerful cravings which are consuming and persistent. Beat opiate addiction is never something you must do alone.  If you or someone you know needs help from an opiate addiction rehab center, look no further than right here. Please call our caring addiction specialists today and learn how we can help you begin to heal and lead a drug-free life again.

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