Suboxone Clinic Accepting Medicaid Great Aid For Addicted in Columbia March 9, 2018 0 Addiction Treatment

Medications such as Subutex or suboxone when used for treating opiate addiction can help someone become and remain clean. At Transformed Lives MD, we have suboxone clinics staffed by knowledgeable doctors who prescribe medications to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and block cravings caused by opiate dependence. Just outside of Baltimore, our suboxone clinic is open and treating residents of Columbia, MD that are addicted to opiates and need to use Medicaid for the visit and medication.

How can suboxone clinic prevent relapse?

Suboxone is a medication that has greatly improved the treatment outcome for people suffering from opiate dependence. This drug significantly reduces or eliminates withdrawal symptoms and can also block drug cravings. When a person starts taking the medication at our suboxone clinic, it can help them become clean while receiving medical supervision and assistance.

A suboxone clinic can help prevent relapse by providing someone with the stabilization needed to help them resist their opiate of choice.

How is suboxone different than methadone?

Receiving suboxone is safer than taking methadone for opiate addiction because an overdose is almost impossible. Another benefit of suboxone is the drug doesn’t cause the same sedation effects as methadone. Suboxone blocks the effects of painkillers and heroin at a much lower dose than methadone and you can receive a prescription for it from a licensed, specially trained physician in a traditional office setting.

How can Transformed Lives MD save your life?

We believe strongly in the benefits of medication-assisted drug treatment using medications like suboxone or Subutex. At our suboxone clinic Baltimore Transformed Lives MD located in Bowie, MD, just outside Baltimore we see and treat people who pay cash, have private insurance or are covered by state Medicaid.  Our doctor recommends the proper treatment, the right dose of medication and will monitor someone throughout the entire process of recovery, meaning we never leave you and we make sure you are strong enough to stand on your own.

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